What Is VacuForm?

VacuForm is essentially a hollow plastic shell in the shape of Brick, Stone, Rock, Bamboo, Slate, Cedar, etc. The possibilities are endless.
To make a sheet of vacuform we start with a thin sheet of plastic.
The .030" materials are about 1/2 the thickness of a credit card.
We clamp the raw sheet into a frame which will carry the sheet up into the oven. The oven will heat the plastic to a very soft, pliable state known as "plastic". Once the sheet reaches the plastic state the frame will carry the sheet down to the mold where it is sealed against the perimeter of the mold platten. Vacuum is drawn through small holes in the mold to "pull" the plastic into the shape of the mold. The plastic is allowed to cool or "freeze" before the vacuum is released, the frame opened and the newly formed sheet is removed. The result is a very light weight hollow shell copy of the original mold.

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